What is menopause? Menopause is not a disease, but rather the point in a woman’s life at which she is no longer fertile and menstrual periods have ceased (stopped). In simple words, it means not having menses for 12 consecutive months due to the cessation of ovarian functions. Average age in Malaysia is 51.7 yrs (varies […]

Cataract and You

What is a cataract? Cataract occurs as a result of clouding of the naturally clear lens in the eye.  A clear lens is essential to focus light, or an image, onto the retina (the photoreceptor).  In a normal eye, light passes through a transparent lens to the retina. Once it reaches the retina, light is […]

I have a sinus problem

It is not uncommon to hear people saying that they have a sinus problem. But what exactly do they mean? If you suffer from nasal itchiness, running nose, sneezing and nasal blockage, which is worse in the mornings, then you are likely suffering from allergic rhinitis rather than sinusitis. Allergic rhinitis occurs when your nasal […]

Every Heart Attack is a small Earthquake

On the 5th of June 2015, Malaysia experienced a magnitude 6.0 earthquake, centred in Ranau, Sabah. It was the strongest earthquake in Malaysia since 1976. This tragedy resulted in the death of 18 people on Mount Kinabalu, most of whom were on a school trip from Singapore. Earthquakes are very rare in our country. Malaysians […]