Corporate Social Responsibility

Gleneagles Kota Kinabalu sees corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an important part of its business activities and consistent with being a responsible organisation. Caring for our communities and taking care of the welfare of our employees and business partners while delivering our commitments to our customers, are in harmony with our values.

Khazanah IHH Healthcare Fund (the Fund) represents Khazanah Nasional Berhad (Khazanah) and IHH Healthcare Berhad (IHH)’s collective commitment to fulfil fundamental responsibility to the many communities through a unified platform.

The objective of the Fund is to facilitate the provision of partial and fully sponsored medical treatment to needy patients in IHH home markets of Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey. Patients who qualify for financial assistance will be treated in IHH’s network of world-class doctors and medical facilities.

For both Malaysia and Singapore, beneficiaries of the Fund are jointly selected by various charitable and voluntary welfare organisations. Beneficiaries are then channelled to IHH’s numerous networks of hospitals for relevant treatment.